Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Streaming Fish

Again, no topic today. A work assignment has completely absorbed me for the past few days. Hubby gets monosyllable grunts instead of complete thoughts. But I do want to keep up on the writing. My theory that body and mind responds to habit does seem to bear out. I wake up in the morning anticipating my blog.

Now, if this poor old brain had something to say..... mister fishy grins at me from his perch at my desk. He makes me smile. Hubby and I saw another at a Webkins display, the first time I've seen him in Edmonton.

Mister fishy of course, reminds me of Pike Place, the success of my unit to introduce joy in the workplace, and the accolades that came from that. That initiative is getting old, but the principles haven't. They've borne the test of time.