Sunday, December 16, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

It has been a hell of a year. We lost our property, I lost my job, we filed for bankruptcy and I fell in to a funk where frankly I didn’t know what to do next. My daughter helped me snap out of it and we made a few changes. I started drawing my pension and we moved to Wetaskiwin for a bundle of reasons, a desire to simplify being chief among them.

Life has much improved since then.

In between Crystal and Martin married and that was a memorable event, full of warmth and sweetness, a reflection of their true hearts.

Here in Wetaskiwin Art and I were quickly welcomed. I enjoy my Toastmasters and Art hangs out with the Tim Hortons crowd. I have a part time job at the United Church and I have met so many fine and generous people.

I reconnected with Jane and Noreen and what fine memories we share.

It has been helpful to be so much closer to Dawn and dad allowing me to be a help as they face the next level of care.

My best wishes to you all and may the coming year be full of moments of charm and wonder.

This picture was taken at By the Lake park here in Wetaskiwin.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gluten Free Project

Not for me, but for the fun of menu planning, I put together a five week menu that is gluten free and (mostly) dairy free. Yogurt is allowed. I am basing each week on a "Sunday Roast", purposely cooking more than we can eat, and packaging the prepared meat for additional meals throughout the week. With a little bit of each roast carried over from week to week, in a month there should be a variety of meats available in the freezer. I figure these secondary meals are practically "free" as the roast paid for itself at the first meal. Once there are a variety of prepared meats in the freezer, there is no need to stick to the same meat all week. Feel free to mix and match according to your mood and tastes.

Lunches are leftovers; in wraps, soups, or salads.

I came up with fifteen different starchy accompaniments to the meat of the day, and then did a google search listing both. If I wanted to exclude an ingredient, for instance, I used a minus sign such as "-tomatoes"or "-milk". Potatoes are listed more than once because they are just so darn versatile. I picked fifteen so that over the month, the chosen starchy side would accompany a different meat. Indeed I believe it would take 28 weeks for a combination to repeat. 

I'll diarize my progress here, as well as on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The menu plan is on google drive.

By husband testing each recipe in turn, I can make sure that the menu plan is a crowd-pleaser.

Chicken with Turnip and Pears

I exchanged heavily on this recipe, based on the foods that were on hand. This is chicken breast instead of thighs, red onion, peanut garnish, and red wine vinegar instead of white wine. The pear offers a sweet counterpoint to the other flavours, and the overall effect is pleasing. I'd use the white wine next time.