Sunday, August 31, 2008

Being Heard - Listening

Blogs are great for preaching...but is anyone listening? I yearn to have genuine, heart to heart connections with people. To be heard, and to listen. This feeling can't be unique. Why don't we all do it? I suspect fear of exposure is part of it. To be really understood means also exposing the ugly bits. Most people hide the ugly bits.

I've started making lists again. Calories, water intake, exercise. 5555 steps. 2638 calories. BP 111/76 (not bad!) Waist 46 (very bad).

I saw a nuthatch scrabbling down the bark of our tree. Upside down, of course. Now I can add him to my (new) lifetime list. Here are all the birds I have spotted or heard around the house.

Cedar Waxwings