Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been on the hunt this morning; no success so far. I remember a quote from a self-made man who said something along the lines of, "I learn like everyone else, from books". I would like to find that quote and confirm who said it.

During my hunt I notice that google has matured. Results aren't random clips from text. I've found biographies on self-taught men, a sculpture titled the Self Made Man (below), Autoditactism (fancy word for self-taught) on Wikipedia, and exotic websites designed by autodidacts. There is a sense of non-conformity in the autodidact's website design.

I've found one wonderful quote but not directly related to my hunt,

"One of my worst fears is of what I will be in the future. Not really of what will happen to me, but of what it will turn me into. If none of my dreams comes true, will I be embarrassed to keep dreaming? It takes courage to fulfill dreams, but I think even more if we can't."

Quoted from The Day I Became an Autodidact, by Kendall Hailey found on Lisa Chellman's blog.

I can't imagine a better quote to sum up middle age and mid-life crisis. Kendall Hailey wrote this long before she hit her golden years. But then again I suspect she is one of those rare individuals who works out her wisdom before she gets there. Me, I stumble along like everyone else. I read the seven habits of highly effective people after my most energetic years. So much wasted effort (sigh).
I am of an age where my house and mind are cluttered with unfinished projects. All were started with the best of intentions. The finished design glories in technicolor in my imagination. But the reality is that my life is cluttered. Some of those great ambitions will stay undone.
Meanwhile, I work out how to best use the time I have left. What can I learn, what can I do, what can I share, that will make best use of my abilities and leave a lasting impression on this world?