Thursday, September 10, 2009

Managing by Color

I've had my nose to the grindstone the past few days, accomplishing the top activities on my list. Any gold in my personality is pleased. Knowing these important, undone tasks are out of the way does release the load. I stand a little straighter. Having some help at work has definitely had an impact.

My mind is a little lax, not quite sure what to do with itself. I do hope I am not dependent on stress to enliven my muse. Tell me I can be creative just by being happy.

I heard from George Boelcke yesterday, owner operator of Vantage Consulting and author of Colorful Personalities. His presentations have had a tremendous impact on my unit, helping us to understand ourselves and each other that much better. Though I can offer him no more work this year, I do wish him all success in his ventures.

Even in a time of restraint, investment must be made in our staff. Otherwise, in a few years, we stand alone. I will demonstrate. This is a diagram of a hypothetical Manager's staff complement, showing years of experience. In this example, there had been a hiring freeze fifteen years earlier. The consequence is that while there is a fine batch of newcomers and a receding lump of veteran baby boomers. there is a significant gap of people with "middling" experience. What happens when the boomers are gone? There will be a whole bunch of people hustling to figure out what is going on. And a lonely Manager.