Saturday, August 22, 2009

Middle Age Glory

There is a thirty year old pine tree that graces my window. The early light gives his curved trunk a warm glow against the dusky green of his needles. I've enjoyed watching him grow from a stunted little stick. He had a rough start and was not given gentle treatment by either child or landscaper. After all, he was a little stick of a tree and for a while it looked like he would not amount to much.

I did note at one point a concerned board member took a few sickly needles from his top (I presume for testing). He did seem to perk up after that. You couldn't reach his top now.

Funny thing, that ignoble start has made him beautiful. He's got that pleasing curve in his middle that reminds me of bonsai. This crooked pine reminds me of the nobility of survival. Sometimes you just have to get through it all. You will come out strong, able to bear other's burdens. Bear the scars of your adversity proudly. It gives you character.