Friday, August 21, 2009

Hairy ponderings

There's talk lately about natural hybridization between coyote and wolf, the coywolf. It got me to thinking, have men interbred with bears...a hubear, perhaps? I pondered this as I watched hubby scratch his broad hairy back on the edge of a door. This he does several times a day.

Which led me to ponder how married couples, over time, build up an embarrassing list of little habits and favors we would not dare mention in public. It takes a long, long while for the trust to build where I can openly fart while watching television, or for him to brazenly ask me to "itch back" and then wander away with glazed look of goofy contentment.

There's a wonderful confort in just being who we are, failings and idiosyncracies included, and knowing there will be understanding. Or at least tolerance. And privacy.

Except, of course, if your wife is a writer.