Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing Gardens and Family

My little family had raucous, rollicking time last night and it was all over a bottle of hair colour. Hubby takes a lot of teasing over his hair. He's hiding the grey and everyone knows it. Me, I was ready to rid myself of the blonde so I offered to help him use up the leftovers. Horrified, he let me know on no uncertain terms that he was not helping me.

So my daughter came over to help.

In between it all, I took a call from my girlfriend in Grande Prairie, and my granddaughter Naomi popped in and out to help. Hubby was not too pleased with the results. Grey still shows at his temples. Naomi laughed at his garbage bag shirt, making him ever more self-conscious. For a few brief moments, my daughter and I feared my hair had a green tinge, but that thankfully did not last.

As we were rinsing and conditioning, my bathroom became a madhouse. It was never fit to carry three adults and a curious grandchild.

Rich relationships are built in the nooks and crannies of our day. More than hair-coloring was going on last night. It is too easy to let the memories slip away.