Thursday, May 24, 2012

Field Trip Day 0

Hubby and I are off on an expedition of epic proportions, crossing Provincial boundaries, flying puddle jumpers, and clocking hundreds of kilometers on our intrepid Honda. Some have questioned if I am able to separate myself from work to take the time to enjoy myself in the next two weeks.

To prove my capacity for leisure, I will blog our trip daily. Tomorrow morning we pack and set on the road for Edmonton. In Edmonton I will be wrapping up instruction on a Continuing Education course at NAIT, RIM 103 - Managing Electronic Records Management Systems.

Today we rose to a solid bank of fog (cloud), mountains cloaked in foamy spring growth, topped with a fresh icing of snow. I feel like we are living in the shadow of Shangri-La.

I am reading Bob Schacochis' "Swimming in the Volcano". Besides the terrific use of language in this book, it gives a vivid picture of a modern third-world society. The descriptions summarize so well what I've read of the modern history of Africa. "...[would be first-world entrepreneurs act] as courtiers trying to win the attention of a harridan widow, a mauled-over bitch who had inherited the broken kingdoms of her ancestors. Either way, you could hardly call it romance." (p. 109)

Oh, and the book is a fantastic adventure read. Be prepared for a bemused, rollicking ride that overtakes our current collection of best-selling authors.