Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 1, Grande Prairie to Hinton

We are about to drive in to Hinton on our way to Edmonton. The weather is mild, with a sprinkling of rain. We got our picture taken leaving Grande Cache by a pair of tourists from Kentucky on their way to Alaska.

Leaving Grande Cache
They agreed we live in beautiful country. I am grieving the loss of altitude, the wild sharing of verdant spring with wintry heights. I noticed Lone Teepee Creek, winding it's way alongside the road, rushing with the revitalizing waters of spring.

Hinton to Edmonton
The second half of our trip is fairly uneventful, cruising through farmland. I see the beef herds have recovered from the mad cow scare a few years ago. I saw a large herd of Black Angus. Check-in was smooth. I had a pleasant visit with my son at the hospital. He showed me Lois Hole's garden; very soothing. I was also taken by a wavy interest wall in the chapel.

Dinner was at my daughter's. Hubby, Art, opened with, "Pasta Again?", depending on the generosity of others to recognize his peculiar brand of humour. It took a good part of the evening for him to return to Crystal's favour. I enjoyed watching Crystal and Naomi working together in the kitchen, preparing the sphagetti and salad, one on either side of the galley kitchen. Naomi has but an inch to go to catch up with her mother. She turns twelve this month.

After dinner Crystal and I walked the dog through our old neighbourhood. I peeked over the fence at my old garden; the perennials are filling in nicely.