Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 6, Last Day in Calgary

Today is my last day in Calgary and the last day of work on this expedition.

About the purse. I had left it behind that evening so I was pretty sure I had left it in the Courthouse. I wasn't too worried because one can't get much more secure than that. But then it wasn't there. Mary rallied the troops and took me to security while I called my office. As we were about to run out of options, our Grande Cache receptionist confirmed I had left my purse in the file room.

For the faint at heart, I assure you, this is a lifetime disability that I manage well most of the time. I have built in small routines and habits to help keep track of my stuff. I credit this need for order for my success in my chosen profession. I have decided to take Mary's suggestion, however, and trim down to a knapsack.

Art caught up on the laundry. I checked in online, putting my boarding pass on my iPhone, and we will print his at the airport. After my last disastrous attempt at paperless boarding, he insists on carrying his paper. I'll give it another shot, seeing as I am representing the bridging generation of records people who are supervising the death of paper. I want to see if this works.

What happened last time, you ask? I loaded both e-mails on my iPhone, and fumbled to find them for unacceptable seconds in front of airport security. I was dryly advised not to put two passes on a single phone again. Art simplified the arrangement even further, declaring that never, never again will he board with a paperless pass.

Kathy cooked us barbecue chicken with a Waldorf salad. Refreshing!

Tomorrow, we fly to Nanaimo!

Did I mention that I have been wearing hiking boots the whole trip?