Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 9, Vacationing in Nanaimo

This was a quieter day. I spend the morning posting the pictures of our holiday. We trek up the hill to the drug store to pick up necessaries, and stroll back through old downtown and its eclectic mix of stores. We spent some time in Fascinating Rhythm, a second-hand music store with epic stock ranging from sheet music from the 'twenties (nineteen-twenties), through LP's, eight track tapes, vintage radios, CD's, DVD's (themselves quickly becoming obsolete)....

Fascinating Rhythm

Fascinatng Rhythm, second half
We ran in to fellow ARMA members fresh off the plane, taking their first stroll through the old town.

Dinner was a little disappointing. We visited the house restaurant in the Dorchester hotel. It was understaffed first of all, and compared to its pretentious menu, the meal was very good but not stunning. I had a chicken and wild mushroom fettucini. If a chef is going to mess with fantastic ingredients, the chicken should not be dry. The dessert menu was presented on a crumpled brochure. We shared a berry creme brulee. Again, good, but not stunning.

I was fascinated by this maple, with it's dressing of scarlet wings.

Maple with Wings

At the table beside us was a charming lady from Newfoundland, a fellow ARMA chapter member. I suspect we will be surrounded ty ARMA delegates for the remainder of our stay.

Tomorrow at noon, the conference begins.