Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 8 Vacationing in Nanaimo

We got lost looking for breakfast.

According to Trip Advisor there is a Gina's on Skinner Street, but we were not successful in finding her. I see now she would not have been open for breakfast anyways. We finally staggered in to Danforth Deli, and ordered a man's breakfast. I must say the food was faultless. Even our little fruit cup had bits of mango surprise; all fresh and well-made.

As we waited for a dollar store to open (mostly to buy a bag so I did not have to carry around my book), a sparrow chick practiced his begging. All I had was some chunky organic peanut butter from Danforth. After some coaxing, he snagged a chunk before a male sparrow horned in on his action. He came back for more, too, even as he furiously tried to wipe his beak clean.

Sparrow ponders; is peanut butter edible?

We then walked to the local market and picked up some lunch and breakfast things. After a nap, we headed along the waterfront. I met a fisherman happy to have caught a crab big enough to keep.

He spends his days of retirement first at the local library, then a couple hours checking on his crab pots. A cheerful man. A seal pondered us for a while, then dipped to anonymity.

We hopped the ferry to Newcastle Island, dodging seaplanes taking off.

Anchored boats hailed from as far away as California. One boat, our sea captain assured us, could be had for a song. It was derelict.

Newcastle island is cloaked in peaceful greenery. There are pines, cedar, oak, and rhodedendron the size of trees. Even Art commented that the natural surroundings, the sighing of the water, "clears the mind". Art spent some time taking photos.

I took out my dollar store art supplies and drew the scene. Besides the grazing Canada Geese, we saw Juncos, Robins, a Red-Headed Woodpecker, a Heron, and deer. There was one strident bird call unfamiliar to me.

The Heron
We had dinner at the Bistro attached to the Nanaimo Harbour Water Airport (next time we definitely will arrive by float plane!). The staff seemed genuinely relaxed and friendly; happy even. The clerks too at the grocery store were full of sunshine and cheer. The lady at the dollar store was grim, but then again Art asked her if she took returns. I mean, how much more pathetic can it be to be having a closing out sale, 50% off, at a dollar store?

Oh, by the way. My morning numbers of 6.0 (mll/l) I am sure, are a reflection of all the walking we did yesterday. Despite what my doctor hopes, I am sure that exercise is the key to my control.