Sunday, September 14, 2008

A beautiful fall day

More and more I think the root of poor counter service is disempowered counter staff. I was disappointed at the church information centre today. I wanted to sign up for a craft table, but the lady at the counter was not given that information. I would have to find xxx xxx. Of course, I don't know what xxx xxx looks like. I walk away. I don't want my disappointment to show. Too much thinking about the whole process, the poor volunteer information station lady doesn't need to see my irritation.

I could not coax my hubby to join me in a tour of Kennedale Ravine. Too often this time of year, I miss the colors. A good wind will blow them all away in a day, and then I've lost them for another year. But he did lend me his camera, and I mustered up to go on my own, and I got some great shots.

Perhaps some will become paintings this winter.