Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas News 2017

Yup, checked the clock. It's still 2017.

I'm writing this year's update shotgun style; a free association of impressions and moments from the past year.

All dressed up for Donald and Tammy's wedding

Death to Perfectionism

A perfect storm of crisis and comfort has released me from the curse of perfectionism. The kind facilitators of this transformation are the good people from Brownlee's Best Toastmasters club. Doing my best is not the worst problem to have, but if it holds me back from taking good risks, it's time to move on. 


I'm two speeches away from reaching my Competent Communicator designation. Along the way the club has refined my leadership skills, even though I wasn't looking for it. Everyone has a great story in them. Listening to my fellow club members week after week has broadened my appreciation for how much story is in each one of us. 

Grande Prairie

Attended my niece's wedding smack in the middle of God's country. Hung out with my sister, stepmom and my dad. Played giant Jenga with my nephews. Chatted up a whole new batch of relatives. 

Donald and Tammy

Tied the knot! They pulled off a great wedding. I danced with the groom and nephew James captured it for Facebook. 

Time and Time with Dad

The end is now in sight, so any time I can sit and share deep thoughts is precious. Somehow dad has reconciled himself to frailness, while finding ways to make life work every day. Seeing dad at peace with the end in sight has helped me make peace with it, too. Dawn is facing her own loss, not always with the best grace, but who could? She needn't worry about losing my love, though. The core of who she is always shines through.

Half the Lawn

Atco buzzed through this summer ripping up the property and replacing ageing gas lines so we don't blow up. They mollified us for the inconvenience by re-sodding the half of the lawn. My daughter noted that I now have half a lawn dandelion free.

Endings and Beginnings

Crystal and Martin are officially engaged. Expect to see lots of silly smiles that Crystal will declare un-photogenic. Naomi is just growing up so fast. She is inches away from getting her driver's license. She's earned the confidence of the adults around her to such an extent that she ends up behind the driver's seat most days, for practice. Art has become her temporary Uber driver, back and forth from her job at the ski hill. Go Naomi!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, peace