Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Greetings 2016

Out the window a light dusting of the sparkly stuff reminds me that we are closing in on another year. This annual newsletter is a fine excuse to observe the grains of time that have slipped by. I was introducing myself to a fine new bunch of staff the other day, and being of this era, I pulled out my phone and flipped through it to show them the last year in selfies.

Gosh, it looks like all I've been doing is going on runs. Crystal joined me this year on a few MEC runs; a great deal by the way if you don't need the T-shirt. I also did the spring Shamrock run just because, and the Run for the Cure with Tammy, Donald's fiancee. Tammy and I have a standing date on Wednesday nights, usually fitness related. That girl has lost a total of a hundred pounds, and is a superstar at the Weight Wise clinic.

This summer was a different trial of endurance, as we faced the spectre of unemployment. Art got a work promotion and his supplemental salary got us through more than one rough patch. Since the fall I have been working for West Canadian Digital, and a very fine employer they are turning out to be. The work is challenging and, my staff, every one of them, are dedicated and hard working people.

Nothing gets under my skin faster than boredom, so with spare time on my hands I have been Pok√©mon playing (level 22), sewing, painting, writing, and jumping in to new opportunities. I did a talk on the power of Process workflow at Nerd Nite Edmonton (sort of like Ted talks with beer), and now I'm a fan. Like them on Facebook. Cruise through event photos of past events. Join me at The Needle Vinyl Tavern one fine night. The next event is January 11; hint, hint I'll be there. Get a ticket before it sells out.

And I have joined Brownlee's Best Toastmaster's club, as part of a personal long-term goal that I choose to keep to myself for now. Check back with me in 2019.

Naomi is sixteen, maturing before my eyes, scaring herself with the reality that the future is truly hers now, and finally settling down taking each day as it comes. It helps that she has some stellar teachers this year. Crystal is of course taking life seriously. She also is my biggest fan, capturing some of the best shots I have of Nerd Nite. We do the MEC runs together, but not at the same pace. She has her best gait and I have mine. So we high-five at some point in the race on her return leg, and she is there to greet me at the finish line. A fine analogy of our relationship, I think.

Donald is calm, happy, and in love. His plans for a fall wedding to Tammy in 2017 are shaping up. I am so proud of them both.

Dad has entered the final phase of life with more grace than I would have credited him. The truth is that COPD will take him, and that he faces increasing frailty to the end. He loves visits, and inquires often on the welfare of all his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He tells stories, he shares family history, and provides always crystal clear insight in to life. I look forward to our visits not out of any sense of duty, but treating each visit as icing on the cake.

Icing. A dusting of snow. Sparkles. Joy.

All in all, a very fine year.

Art and I pass on our very best wishes to you all this coming year.