Monday, March 21, 2016

Yet another comment on Trump

I had the occasion to draw anger. My contemporary model should be no surprise, and it was very easy to find him in full rosy glory. Now, when I am fully absorbed in drawing a figure, I come to know it, even intimately. I saw enough to make a prediction. Though it seems this side of foolish to scatter more random comments in to the roar of words surrounding this man, I'm saying it now. After all, a prediction falls a little flat after the fact.

As I drew this face, I saw perfectly - I mean - perfectly straight teeth. A tad overlarge for the mouth. His naturals have been capped. The skin, disturbingly free of wrinkles. And very evenly tanned; except for around the eyes. This is a man who is hiding his infirmity. 

If this candidate-elect ever becomes president, the job will kill him. Not from random violence or protest, but simply from over-work. He is on the brink of ill-health, and is going to great pains to hide it.