Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minimalist Recap

Well, that was quite a trip. 496 items and more liberated from our home throughout the month of December. I can relate to many of the feelings expressed by Fish Griwkowsky as I followed him on his journey of purgement (Edmonton Journal one last goodbye). I had fun throughout re-purposing old things for new uses.

My son got a photo album I've been saving for him for over fifteen years. I re-covered the harvest gold cover and stenciled his name on it. He loved it and he and his fiancee pored over the pages.

Naomi raved over her penny collection.

My niece gets a "something old" vintage necklace for her upcoming nuptials from her great grandmother.

My stepmom got a rock (she likes rocks) from me and a Blue Jays pin from hubby.

Dad, a Johnny Cash CD.

My daughter was awed that I finished a book I've been writing for her for the last two and a half years. This was a byproduct of the release, so I'll also count it as a re-purpose.

I started painting again.
I cleaned out my e-mail stash since 2013. Only 75 left unread.
I joined a meetup.
Registered for Coursera (R). That might have been a bit too much.
Downloaded an e-book.
Got twitter-hooked and collected a bunch of likes.
There is a tangible release from letting go of clutter. It's hard to explain, but the evidence is inescapable. I'm also using the experience to encourage office staff to release their work clutter, too.

There are collections I did not let go like my brag board, the grandma toy bin, and memory board. I'll tell their stories another time.