Monday, November 23, 2015

2015 Christmas Letter

Well, my first Christmas card arrived (thank you Aunt Eleanore) so it is time to put down the annual Christmas Letter. I have the cards out, I know where I keep the stamps, and I was all ready to whip up a few cards, but I've got the letter to write. A year's worth of experiences to cram together. As I drove my twenty minute commute this morning, memories tumbled over each other. I could try and disentangle it all but maybe the flavour of the year will come out better if I just blurt it out.

There were the runs. I started with a grand plan to gradually increase my time, every practice run laid out. But that was not to be. Joints and hips demanded attention so I learned to slow down and listen to my body. And then there were the runs. The Color Me Rad, Corporate Challenge, Mud Hero and Run for the Cure. I've found so many new ways to get dirty. My girls were the inspiration for my runs this year; Claire for convincing me I could to the mudder. That experience was....transformative. Crystal for instinctively volunteering for the pink run, and Naomi injecting her native enthusiasm. Art does not run but more often he'll walk to Tim Horton's with me. A doughnut run. It works. I have no pictures of Art this year as he is waiting for his hair to return to it's former jet-black lustre.

A mud hero shot.

Run for the Cure

This was also the year of the Nieces and Nephews. I am a fan of you all. There's Katja and Christian, forging their own path, Ryan and Kyle, kings of hedonism and finding humor in the most unlikely of places, Tim for sticking with me on the hill, Jeff for your unique wit, Claire for discovery, James for following wisdom against all odds, Kaulona for speaking up and rediscovering her self-ness, John for fatherhood. Renee for gusto. You are all on my mind and heart and I wish all the best to every one of you.

Donald and Tami, you are the cutest couple ever. It was so fun hanging out for the lunar eclipse with you. Keep on trusting and loving and I know you will do well also.
Donald, Tami and me on the night of the lunar eclipse

The turn in the economy has given me sleepless nights but I am grateful to be with a company and have a boss that obviously put people first. It's taken creativity, flexibility, and grit but I've kept working. I got to visit the Redwater facility where they are building a green oil refinery. An amazing enterprise. 

The community garden yielded turnips, scarlet runner beans, onions, squash and a proud pumpkin.

Scarlet Runner Beans
 Naomi got a painting.

A year all jammed up with new experiences. My best wishes to you all this coming year. May goodness triumph always.