Monday, March 23, 2015


With this extreme weight loss it is still a job getting used to my new size, but I am getting there. What seems to help is measuring, putting my stats on a size chart, and looking in the mirror. I am getting used to what am now. 

I am a grandma with lots of spare wrinkles and lumps so I try and look with an uncritical eye; observing but not judging. 

Have you noticed how the thighs have a terrific spread? Sit down in the hot tub and they spread out like mounds of leavened dough, ready for punching and baking. It seems all out of proportion somehow. 

Our legs aren't sticks; they're triangular. Our legs are levers, powered by large muscles.
Speed Skaters have terrific thighs. 

Mathieu Giroux

Strong thighs give me launching power, and propel me out of my chair. No twiggy for me, tottering on stick legs. I've got places to go and things to do.