Thursday, November 6, 2014

PIcked up by Charter for Compassion!

A few weeks ago a posted an info-graphic on the common threads of faith. I don't know about you, but I am distressed by the increasing polarization of our society. Conservative vs Liberal. Rich vs Poor. Athiest vs Religious. Muslim vs Christian.

Some of my views are conservative, others not so much. It is annoying when I am lumped in with a group that do not share all my views. I would much prefer to be challenged directly on what I say and do.

It sure is easier to attack a paper cut-out, an assumption of attitudes and beliefs it is assumed that all those "others" share. Arguments become repetitive as the assumed ground is tread over and over. Instead of finding common ground, people become entrenched and secure in their original beliefs. Movement is not possible.

Out of that frustration, I took a page from Karen Armstrong's book and created a graphic of some common principles among all religions. To emphasize how much we have alike rather than our differences. I believe if we wish to see movement away from radicalism, there has to be a joining, a mutual understanding. 

Then to my great delight, Karen's website, Charter for Compassion, picked up my thread! Boy, that feels great.