Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let's not call it mind-blowing

Here are some mind-expanding thoughts, from the ideas and discoveries I've come across over the last year.

On March 17, 2014, US astronomers based on the South Pole announced that they have found evidence of echoes of the Big Bang, direct evidence of "cosmic inflation".

This discovery leads to all sorts of implications, as described by Allan Adams:

Our universe, as vast as it is, is not unique. It is one of who knows how many universes, each with its own physics.

Now on to consciousness and awareness, a subject covered by Haidt and my yoga-chi instructor, Paul Yapp. (Levels of consciousness). If I understand fully, consciousness is all the inputs we receive.

Awareness is whatever we give attention in the moment. Through mindfulness meditation and moments of flow, we can calm the chatter of our rational mind, and experience an expanded awareness. With sufficient expansion, awareness extends beyond the consciousness, beyond our inputs.

I had earlier blogged about the relationship between our inexpressive side which processes most of our inputs and the rational mind as described by Haidt:
Using Paul Yapp's nomenclature the elephant is the holder of all consciousness, and through exercise, the rational side becomes ever more aware of all input.

Jill Bolte Taylor demonstrates ever so eloquently that even our ability to individuate can't be taken for granted. With the flip of a switch, it is gone. It may be difficult to complete even simple tasks in this state, but it also provided profound experience, which she undoubtedly values.

This is a random set of thoughts, I know. My friends will undoubtedly accuse me again of being "deep". All I know is that Haidt's description has helped me reconcile more deeply with my "inner elephant", a detente with my inexpressive motivations. This has helped me relax and allow the process of transforming my body, to steadily reduce my caloric intake, with little struggle. I've promised to celebrate, listen, and understand my inner needs. I'm not fighting myself any more.

I have experienced moments of "flow". Mindfulness does quiet and expand my awareness. Some of the exercises I think I enter a state of self-hypnosis. The journey is warm and friendly, so I go.
In conclusion, I believe what is bringing this together for me is that human discovery continues to push the limits; what is beyond nothing? It turns out, more. On a personal level, it is possible to push awareness beyond our habitual boundaries, and be in the presence of more.