Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Farwell to my Aussie Pal

My Aussie cubicle buddy is winging his way back to Australia (no doubt a glorious fall) just as winter releases its' icy grip here. Andy took full advantage of all our country had to offer, hitting the slopes whenever he could. I took perverse pleasure, as all Canadians do, watching him adapt to Really, Truly, No-kidding-around Cold.

Andy, I did not have a chance to send you off properly, so in the spirit of our camaraderie, I am sending you some genuine Canadian snow to remind you of good times.

No worries, being part of a pro-active organization, I've thought ahead to package well to survive the trip down-under.
With the added security of duck tape.
There; that should do it!

P.S. The doctor finally got back to me and sure enough, I had cracked my ribs, fifth and sixth.  The breaks are contiguous, which I take to be a good thing.