Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a dog's life

My daughter recently adopted a senior dog to take care of. The dog's name is Ariel and she is a sweet tempered Afghan, twelve years old. My daughter has known her since she was a glossy black puppy, and cheered from the sidelines as Ariel won "best in show" and gave birth to two litters of award winning puppies.
Ariel is now grey, and mostly sleeps and eats. She's only been with my daughter for a few short weeks, but already she's broken all the doggy rules. She loves to sleep on the couch and on the bed. She happily takes scraps from the table.

My daughter indulges. After all, if you have lived a long, full life, you deserve to break a few rules, don't you think?

I reminded my daughter to "take notes" because there are a few rules I would like to break when I am old and tired. Chief among them is to drink as many aspartame-laced beverages as I want, and to cook from aluminum cookware with impunity.