Thursday, February 5, 2009


A week ago I passed out a dozen "thank you" cards to those people I consider part of my support team. The list included family, health care supporters, and colleagues. It only took an hour, and each comment was individual and heart-felt. On most of the cards I thanked the person for helping me be "more than I am". At the same time I was able to clear out my odds and ends of note cards in my drawer that had been building up.

I don't know why, but I was surprised by the warmth got back, almost right away.

My daughter, "You really think of me as part of your support team?"

My hubby, a warm kiss.

My colleague, "You said very nice things about me". I replied, "They're all true, aren't they?". And she added, "You have a great way with words". From other colleagues I received hugs, smiles, and thanks.

My massage therapist, an enthusiastic welcome, "You rarely get thanks in this business. All my colleagues are so jealous." Maybe I am imagining it, but I noted she took more time to coach me through the process to make sure I was benefitting from the results. She's helping me to read my body in ways I've never noticed before.

Perhaps in my lifetime campaign to improve intake experiences, I will also encourage people to carry along note-cards to thank people every day that make a difference. It pays forward, sideways, and right away too.